Watership Down

This was the question I was asked during one of my talks at a NSPCC event by an audience member who was troubled by rabbits in his garden. Situated in Reigate, Surrey boasting amazing views of the North Downs, Surrey Hills and the Reigate Heath Windmill, this garden on light, sandy soil was overrun with rabbits. My first task was to convince the clients that I could provide them with well-stocked rabbit proof borders. This would be achieved by fencing around the borders with a low chicken wire, as you may know rabbit proof plants are often devastated by the little blighters just to see whether they like them of not!!  The garden was a blank canvas as attempts at creating a garden had been eaten away over the years and they had almost given up hope. The new garden, in an enviable setting, with the dramatic water feature, Purbeck Limestone retaining wall, sweeping lawns and exuberant borders, set against a beautiful, contemporary thatched cottage combine to create a country garden that the clients only dreamed of.

“How do you stop rabbits?"