The Elements in Detail

Working with a client with a great plant knowledge and passion for plant collecting was like a meeting of kindred spirits; our shared enthusiasm and excitement for plants made designing this garden around such a collection a daunting task. Situated in a frost pocket in Caterham, Surrey many of the plants collected over the years had outgrown their space and the garden had become overgrown and hard to manage.  It was my skills as both a designer and a plantsman to select the chosen few plants that were going to remain to become the stars of the new planting. Working within these constraints is challenging; manoeuvring machines, materials and men around delicate specimens takes a lot of time, effort and skill.  The new garden was arranged in rings radiating from the house, with the arcs of the circles transformed into gentle, sweeping steps that made the upwards slope feel relaxed and easy. The well-matured plants that remained had become wonderful specimens, now seen properly for the first time in all their glory.