Bulb Planting

‘It is a greater act of faith to plant a bulb than to plant a tree’ Clare Leighton

Bulb planting is one of those gardening tasks that fills us with dread. Normally a wet autumn day, with limited daylight, leaves starting to fall and perennials in their gradual seasonal demise. It can be a gloomy time, especially when I arrive on site with several hundred bulbs that I shower over the garden with reckless abandon like confetti, that we all have to scurry about trying to locate amongst fallen leaves and plant detritus to plant.

The result after several hours bent double, stooping through the border with a trowel is an aching back, a blistered hand and an underwhelmed client. It is only when you fast forward several months and you get numerous calls from very excited clients that you realise that there is something hugely satisfying about planting spring bulbs, Tulips in particular. Bulb planting never offers that instant gratification but it is a joy to see the glorious display they give in the spring and much to the delight of a surprised client.