Beware of Sticky Willy!

Although I am a Garden Designer, I have been a gardener for as long as I can remember. I love nothing more than getting close to the soil and weeding is one of my vices. A couple of weeks ago we were working through a border that I planted 12 years ago that had been neglected for a couple of years and was at risk of being swamped with Sticky Willy or Goose Grass (Galium aparine).

I am a hardy gardener and have never suffered from the effects of the well-known irritant plants in the garden. Until now!! After spending a lovely day weeding in the sunshine, my arms were a little prickly from the days gardening, nothing unusual there. But a couple of days later I had developed an allergic reaction to the chemical in the Sticky Willy Plant called Allergic Contact Dermatitis. I suffered intense itching on my hands, arms, and ankles as well as a very angry nettle-type rash for about four days. Numerous applications of a Hydrocortizone cream and antihistamine finally won in the battle.

There are numerous sites on the internet bestowing the woes of this weed so do make sure that you are well protected.

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